New technologies and features in 2019 for Starboard inflatable paddle boards

starboard inflatable paddle board

We take a look at a few of the fey features of the 2019 Starboard inflatable paddle board range, some of the changes, some of the unique technologies introduced by Starboard, and the new price point Zen Lite inflatable SUP range. Airline Technology Starboard’s most significant breakthrough in tuning rocker lines and deflection is their Airline Technology. This efficient, lightweight technology could change the future of inflatable performance boards. The … Read More →

First look at the SIC Maui 14′ x 26″ RS Air Glide board


Here at Green Water Sports we have just added the popular SIC Maui inflatable racing boards to our site. Available now are the 12’6″ x 29″, 14′ x 26″, 14′ x 28″ RS Air Glide and the 14′ x 28.5″ Bullet Air Glide. The video above is a great introduction to the brand with Reuben from SUPboarder unboxing a 2019 14′ x 26″ RS Air Glide. From the SIC Maui … Read More →

Detailed comparison video of Red Paddle Co Ride, Sport & Voyager inflatable paddle boards


Reuben and the SUPboarder crew is back with an excellent video detailing the 3 main Red Paddle Co board ranges. The all round Ride family of boards, the cross-over Sport family of boards and the touring and adventuring family of Voyager boards. Red Paddle Co Ride, Sport and Voyager inflatable paddle board comparison Welcome back to another SUPboarder video. In this video we’re going to be talking about three board … Read More →

Review of the 2019 Fanatic 10’4″ Fly Air inflatable paddle board


We’ll take a closer look at the 2019 Fanatic Fly Air 10’4″ inflatable SUP and see if the board is up to par, worth the money or a premium board at a budget price. TL;DR: The 2019 Fanatic Fly Air 10’4″ inflatable paddle board is exceeding good value. At just $899 Fanatic provides a high quality single-skin-with-stringer SUP that really feels and performs like a premium board. Awesome looking graphics, … Read More →

A guide to touring on your paddle board by Fanatic


This week Fanatic have a short video guide to SUP touring. It is important to plan ahead and organise your SUP touring adventures to ensure everyone has fun and is safe. Most of the time things will go well but it’s important to plan for the worst, just in case. Correct choice of equipment Check weather, wind forecast and possible currents Dress for the climate. This means the sun, air … Read More →

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