How to set up your Airline equipped Starboard inflatable paddle board


Starboard’s Inflatable SUP Airline Technology The patented Airline Technology utilizes a pre-set free-floating cable. It is attached to the nose, goes under the bottom and ends at the fin box. The preset cable is slightly shorter than the board so when the board inflates, the cable comes under tension and stiffens the board significantly. We measured 1.8 cm less hull deflection in testing and 2016 World Champion Connor Baxter swears … Read More →

Stand up paddle boarding 101 with Zane from Starboard


How to stand up paddle board In this video, Zane Schweitzer from Starboard, takes us through some of the basics of stand up paddling. Your course is titled: Paddle Boarding 101. Zane is an accomplished stand up paddler with a passion for the Ocean and Aloha spirit. His positive energy and outlook on life is conveyed through this video with his helpful tips for a fun and safe paddle boarding experience. … Read More →

Adjusting your LeverLock paddle system


The LeverLock SUP paddle adjustment system (as featured on several Red Paddle Co and Accent SUP paddles) uses no push buttons or external clamps to adjust. The LeverLock system is an internal adjustment system that loosens and tightens a rubber plug at the bottom of the adjustment shaft with the lift or closure of the lever in the paddle handle. This rubber plug also creates a water tight seal against the … Read More →

How to install SUP fins


Dan from Starboard SUPs takes us through how to install various styles of fins on a stand up paddle board. You have the standard US Box fin, the standard US Box fin with tab pre-installed on many Starboard SUPs, the FCS side bite fins, the FCS II Connect fins that click in and out without tools. We offer all styles of center fins at Green Water Sports, checkout the SUP … Read More →

Inflating and deflating your Starboard 11’2″ Blend Zen inflatable SUP


Today Dan walks us through how to inflate and deflate your Starboard inflatable stand up paddle board. In this video, Dan features the 11’2″ Blend Zen. A great all round board at 11’2″ x 32″ and just $999.

Follow the video above if you need pointers on how to inflate your paddle board. We also have the transcript below so you can follow along and go step by step at your own pace. Read More →

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