Starboard’s tips to rolling up your inflatable paddle board

5 things to know when packing up your starboard inflatable paddle board

Courtesy of Starboard, we have a great infographic on how to roll up your inflatable stand up paddle board. For more helpful how to guides, videos and tutorials, visit our Knowledge Base section. How to roll up your inflatable stand up paddle board Open valve at the tail to exhaust air Start to roll or fold the board from the nose and force the air out through the valve at … Read More →

5 beginner video guides for riding waves on stand up paddle boards

stand up paddling boarding in waves

Getting out in the surf is one of the most enjoyable things to do on a stand up paddle board. You get to ride mother nature’s energy as it breaks over the reef or sand. SUPboarder has put together a great series of videos of how to stand up paddle board in the waves. How to launch a SUP in waves Paddling out over waves on your stand up paddle … Read More →

Stand up paddle boarding terminology


We have our own SUP glossary of terms and terminology, but here Reuben takes us through a few more. So in this SUPboarder how-to video, we’re going to be taking a basic look at the terms and terminology used when we’re talking about a SUP board. So this video, really, it’s aimed at people who are getting into the sport or people have just gotten into the sport, maybe bought … Read More →

How to inflate your Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle board


John from Red Paddle Co talks us through the basics of how to inflate your Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle board for the first time. It is very straight forward, but he offers some tips and tricks to inflating for the first time, and inflating efficiently in the future by correct use of your body. 1. Use Titan Pump Inflating a board using the Red Paddle Co Titan Pump … Read More →

Fanatic’s video guide on how to turn stand up paddle boards


We recently started selling Fanatic inflatable paddle boards, and as we welcome them onboard, we are posting some of their how to and SUP tutorial videos. We posted Episode 1 of the SUP Academy video a few weeks ago. Today we continue here with Episode 2: Turning, how to turn your SUP. Fanatic SUP Academy – Turning How to turn your SUP There are various ways to turn and maneuver your … Read More →

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