Riding the new Red Paddle Co 11′ Sport inflatable SUP


This is a great little video from Dany, another from <a title=”Paddling and surfing the 2015 Naish 12′ Glide Air” href=”https://greenwatersports.com/5180/paddling-and-surfing-the-2015-naish-12-glide-air”>down under</a>. They are just finishing up their season and it looks like people are finding the time to edit their video content and upload for us in the Northern Hemisphere to get stoked on as we come into our prime paddling season. Read More →

How to install RSS battens video

2015 Red Paddle Co RSS batten install video

Following on from our earlier guide of how to install the Red Paddle Co RSS battens, we now have this video by Red Paddle Co. The video includes the basics of batten installation and removal, but our guide has a little more detail on the process. RSS battens, or rocker stiffening system battens, increase board stiffness by 30-50%. The technology is unique to Red Paddle Co and assists to make … Read More →

The official Red Paddle Co 2015 promotional video

2015 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP stan up paddle boards

We have already taken a look at the 2015 Red Paddle Co range where we can see some new models added to a stable of favourites and world renowned boards. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to open and inspect all but 2 of the 2015 range and I can tell you that Red Paddle Co have really stepped it up a notch for 2015. So many of the boards … Read More →

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