How to inflate your Starboard inflatable paddle board

how to inflate your inflatable paddle board sup

Inflating your Starboard paddle board is a very quick and easy task. In the video above, you can see that pumping up your board and installing your fin takes just a few minutes. Watch how Green Water Sports owner, Julian, inflates his 2017 Starboard 12′ Atlas Deluxe inflatable SUP. Likewise, packing up your inflatable SUP is also very easy. Pop the valve and roll from the nose. Easy as pie. … Read More →

VIDEO – Beginner guide to stand up paddle boarding


Get a stand up paddle board for Christmas? We have some videos here to get you prepared and ready for your first paddle session. We are no stranger to great SUP videos from Sam Ross. Check out our how to paddle board section for a series on great introductory video lessons he created a few years ago. Here we feature some updated versions of the videos, with a little overlap, just … Read More →

6 tips for surfing your inflatable SUP


Reuben is here again with another great video. Today he helps us with how to get the most from our inflatable stand up paddle board in the waves. They surf a little different to traditional hard SUPs or surfboards due to the design features (or limitations) inherent to inflatable paddle boards. He walks us through a few tips while using a Red Paddle Co 8’10” Whip as a display model. Reuben did a … Read More →

Installing the 2017 Starboard SUP leash


For 2017 and onwards, all Starboard inflatable stand up paddle boards (except the Surf and River models) include a FREE ankle leash. The leash uses a unique design whereby the strong outer sleeve has a bungee core so that it functions in a similar fashion to a coiled leash whereby it keeps itself from getting under foot, dragging behind you and snagging on things. Similar to an uphaul for a windsurfer or … Read More →

FCS Connect SUP fins – fast and easy to use


Featured on several 2017 Red Paddle Co boards and many 2017 Starboard Deluxe inflatable paddle boards, the FCS Connect Fin system is extremely easy to use. Doing away with all kinds of tools, nuts and bolts, the FCS Connect system allows you to insert and remove your SUP fin by hand in just a few quick and easy steps. The fin has a specially designed wear-resistant barrel and corrosion-resistant titanium pin … Read More →

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