Fanatic’s video guide on how to turn stand up paddle boards


We recently started selling Fanatic inflatable paddle boards, and as we welcome them onboard, we are posting some of their how to and SUP tutorial videos. We posted Episode 1 of the SUP Academy video a few weeks ago. Today we continue here with Episode 2: Turning, how to turn your SUP. Fanatic SUP Academy – Turning How to turn your SUP There are various ways to turn and maneuver your … Read More →

Fanatic’s video guide to inflatable stand up paddle board basics


We’ve recently started selling Fanatic inflatable SUPs, but Fanatic has been around for quite some years. Founded in 1981, Fanatic has been at the forefront of windsurfing for many years, and now also a leader in hard and inflatable stand up paddle boards. Fanatic SUP Academy – Fundamentals The Fanatic video above is about SUP fundamentals, using one of their inflatable paddle boards. Today, SUP boards vary in many different … Read More →

How to stow your 3 piece paddle in your Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP bag


Introduced in the 2017 Red Paddle Co bag, the elastic paddle slots are a handy way to keep your 3 piece paddle safely stowed and packed inside your board bag. It features 3 elastic slots for each paddle section with handy outlines to help you insert the right pieces into the right slot. However, getting the paddle blade section into the slots may not be readily apparent to the first … Read More →

4 common ways of how to attach your SUP leash


Your SUP leash is probably the most important piece of equipment, after your board and paddle of course, for a fun and safe paddle boarding experience. Depending on your country and local area, laws may require wearing/having on board a life jacket or personal floatation device (PFD), but the leash is arguably a better life saving piece of equipment as it keeps you attached to a giant floating device, that … Read More →

Stand up paddle boarding 101 with Zane from Starboard


How to stand up paddle board In this video, Zane Schweitzer from Starboard, takes us through some of the basics of stand up paddling. Your course is titled: Paddle Boarding 101. Zane is an accomplished stand up paddler with a passion for the Ocean and Aloha spirit. His positive energy and outlook on life is conveyed through this video with his helpful tips for a fun and safe paddle boarding experience. … Read More →

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