10 tips for stand up paddle boarding beginners

Common beginner error backwards SUP paddle

Don’t be that guy or that girl. Avoid the most common first time paddle boarder mistakes by following our list of 10 tips for the beginner stand up paddle boarder. Whether you are renting a SUP and paddle, you’ve just bought your own gear, or you’ve been out a few times, this information may make a difference to your future paddle boarding sessions. 1. Use a leash This actually goes … Read More →

4 golden rules for stand up paddle boarding

4 golden rules for stand up paddling

Is your board too noisy? Perhaps you should follow the 4th Golden Rule for stand up paddle boarding in this video by Paddling TV and SUP TV. Plant your blade fully in the water before you start to pull. Always assume ready position when paddling. Use your core muscles for all your strokes. Keep your board as quiet as possible.

Why is stand up paddle boarding so good for us?

stand up paddle boarding workout and fitness GWS

Paddle boarding is a great all over body workout. Head to toe, every muscle is engaged in balancing on the board or during the paddle stroke with the bulk of the effort being done by the body’s ‘core’ muscles. As the name suggests, the core muscles are integral to the support and function of your whole body. A strong core is a strong body. “It feels like you’re standing on … Read More →

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