The official Red Paddle Co 2015 promotional video

2015 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP stan up paddle boards

We have already taken a look at the 2015 Red Paddle Co range where we can see some new models added to a stable of favourites and world renowned boards. Since then I’ve had the pleasure to open and inspect all but 2 of the 2015 range and I can tell you that Red Paddle Co have really stepped it up a notch for 2015. So many of the boards … Read More →

Choosing the right 2015 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP

Chart in LBS 2015 Red Paddle Co inflatable SUP board selection chart

So, you’re in the market for an awesome new inflatable stand up paddle board. Whatever you’re looking for, the inflatable SUP experts at Red Paddle Co have designed a 2015 model line up that has you covered. Lake, ocean, river or surf, a board for any body of water. Red Paddle Co have not only refined continued models, some with a few nips and tucks, but they have renamed a … Read More →

The 2015 Red Paddle Co line up is available now!

Red Paddle Co 2015 inflatable stand up paddle boards

They’re here, they have arrived! Red Paddle Co’s 2015 model line up is by far the best yet. With some old favourites, a few new models, a few minor tweaks, some name changes, updated colours and graphics and updates to the industry’s best carry bag, 2015 is set to be an awesome year. The Ride line expands to feature 3 different models plus a windsurf sail mount option, a white … Read More →

7 reasons for buying an adjustable SUP paddle

buying an adjustable sup paddle

Adjustable stand up paddles are very popular for a wide variety of reasons. We cover 7 in this article and hopefully the information may help you in your search for buying the right SUP paddle for you. Your paddle is a crucial part of your SUP kit. It gets the power down and pushes you along so it’s important to have one that is sized correctly not just in blade … Read More →

The 4 essentials to stand up paddle boarding

what do i need to SUP

Stand up paddle boarding is a very easy activity to get started in and enjoy on a regular basis. But you might ask yourself, “What gear do I need to stand up paddle board?” Well, there are a few key items in your SUP essentials kit that may not be so obvious to first time or beginner paddle boarders. The main 2 items are, obviously, the board and the paddle but … Read More →

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