10 video guides on how to stand up paddle board

videos to learn how to stand up paddle board

Getting Started Sam starts us off with the basics of how to stand up paddle board. Going through the gear, a few key terms and launching into the water. He also covers a couple of handy tips for getting about if you have trouble standing or if the wind/waves pick up. Kneeling In this video, Sam shows us how the kneel and paddle on the board. Kneeling is a great … Read More →

Stand up paddle boarding basics, part 2 – with Starboard

learn how to stand up paddle board inflatable sup

In this, part 2 of our stand up paddle boarding basics video series, we take a look at some basic paddling and turning techniques to get you comfortably cruising and turning in your next session. I’d also like to add the “rough water or surf stance” as a very helpful tip. When the water gets a bit rough, whether it be a wave, boat wake, river turbulence, your dog or child wiggling … Read More →

How to stand up paddle board, part 1 – with Starboard

Stand up paddle boarding basics with starboard1

As we come closer to the 2015 stand up paddle board season (bring on summer!) let’s take a look at some of the basics to paddle boarding. This, the first article in our 2 part series, is great for people looking to get into paddle boarding or people looking for a few tips to improve their time on the water. We cover the absolute basics of handling your board, getting on and … Read More →

Naish “Air Series” inflatable SUPs now available at Green Water Sports

2015 Naish ONE 12 6 inflatable sup paddle board

I’m really excited about this announcement. Back in the day, my former life as a (semi) pro kiteboarder, I was sponsored by Naish. A brand that to me, always stuck by the core values of the sport, produced gear that was designed by riders, for riders. Cliché, I know, but I was lucky enough to be living on Maui in some of the boom times for kiteboarding. I saw Don Montague, Naish … Read More →

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