Detailed video review of the 2020 Naish Maliko & Glide inflatable stand up paddle boards


The Naish 2020 inflatable stand up paddle boards have created a bit of buzz recently. Naish have long been at the forefront of windsurf, kitesurf and SUP technologies and developments, so when they announced their 2020 range so early in 2019 (and quickly superceeding their 2019 range) everyone sat up and took notice. Reuben at SUPboarder got his hands on the 2020 Naish Maliko 14′ x 27″ and the 2020 … Read More →

Review of the Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Activ inflatable paddle board


With so many fitness style boards on offer, who might be interested in the 10’8″ Activ? Let’s find out how this board fits into the 2019 Red Paddle inflatable SUP range, and is a clear winner overall. TL;DR: The 2019 Red Paddle Co 10’8″ Activ is one of the best all round fitness stand up paddle boards for the “active” paddler. While offering a wide and stable platform for performing … Read More →

Detailed video review of the 2019 Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact inflatable SUP


Welcome to another video from our friends over at SUPboarder. This time Rueben and Will are reviewing the Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″. A revolutionary board in the iSUP world. It introduces not seen before compactness, lightweight, technologies and possibilities. Half the size, double the adventure as Red Paddle Co say. Let’s see if this is the case. So we’ll warn you, this review is going to be a little … Read More →

First look at the Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact Inflatable Paddle Board


While we are still preparing out extensive review and video features of the new Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″ inflatable stand up paddle board, Reuben of SUPBoarder has graced us with a first look video. It’s a great view into how the board arrives, a few of the new features, and mentions what excites us most. Red Paddle Co is the market leader in inflatable paddle boards and has that … Read More →

Review of the 2018 Starboard 12’ Atlas Zen inflatable paddle board


The Atlas has a moderately wide nose for increased stability, a straighter outline and pulled in tail area for a smooth and efficient glide. The 33″ width offers a stable and forgiving ride, while a narrower tail area allows maintaining a good top speed to be easy. This article is a review of the 2018 12′ Atlas Zen and not necessarily an instructional or how to article. For that we suggest … Read More →

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