Oh Dear! The Red Paddle Co SUP bubble

red paddle co board bump

We were guilty of this too. First thing we noticed when we pumped up or Red Paddle Co inflatable stand up paddle boards was what appeared to be a little bubble on the under side of the paddle board, just behind the center fin. Did we push the pump nozzle in too hard? Did we pump too hard? Now that I think about it, the explanation is pretty darn obvious! … Read More →

Stand up paddle board basics – Kneeling

kneeling inflatable stand up paddle board tutorial

In this video about stand up paddle boarding basics, Sam Ross covers the process of kneeling on the board. A handy technique for rougher days, punching through surf or just relaxed paddling.

Stand up paddle board basics – Getting Started

inflatable sup board tutorial

In the first of this series from Sam Ross, we cover the basics of getting started with your inflatable stand up paddle board from Red Paddle Co. In this series, Sam uses a Red Paddle Co Ten Six inflatable SUP.

SUP Rocker Stiffening Technology with Red Paddle Co

RSS Small 200x145

By looking at how and where a board flexes we have developed and patented the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) to increase rigidity. It works by inserting stiffening battens along the rails of the board. The battens then work against the downward force of the rider to produce a stiffer board by preventing flex – similar to how a stringer works on a hard board. The stiffening battens are removable for easy board rolling and can … Read More →

Red Paddle Co Durability Testing

sup inflatable testing

The crazy lads at Red Paddle Co have sent us a video where they test the durability of their inflatable SUPs. We don’t suggest you try this at home with your board! But if you wanted to, your board would survive no problem!

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