Surfing the Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″


It is a common question about the Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact, whether or not it is decent in surf? Its shorter length and larger fins certainly suggest it would outperform the Ride models, but perhaps not the Whip. The 8’10” Whip is the dedicated wave riding board in the Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle board range. However, the Whip is on the smaller size, so if you’re like me … Read More →

Red Paddle Co’s 5 YEAR warranty on inflatable stand up paddle boards


With the 2020 Red Paddle Co board range, Red Paddle Co have introduced a 5 year extended warranty on all their inflatable paddle boards! As standard the boards come with a one year warranty, and to secure the 5 year extended warranty, you simply register your board within 3 months of purchase and you’re covered, FREE, for 5 years. Naturally there are guidelines and limitations to their warranty coverage but … Read More →

Red Paddle Co 2020 inflatable stand up paddle board product guide

red paddle co 2020 inflatable paddle boards

The time is upon us, Red Paddle Co have just announced their range for 2020. The focus for the 2020 product lineup is on the details, further refinement of each product and the customer experience and value offered over just the physical product purchased. Most notably of which is the introduction of a 5 year warranty on each board. In 2018, the free 2 year warranty (with product registration) was … Read More →

All Fanatic Fly Air inflatable paddle boards are now ON SALE!

2019 fly air fanatic best inflatable sup green water sports

Flying under the radar, Fanatic are quietly making top quality boards at excellent prices. Now, those prices are even better. All 2019 Fanatic inflatable paddle boards are on sale. Ranging from the 9’0″ x 31″ to the 10’8″ x 34″, there is a board for every shape, size and paddler. Whether you want to ride waves, do yoga or just paddle around with friends, the Fanatic Fly Air range is … Read More →

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