A guide to touring on your paddle board by Fanatic


This week Fanatic have a short video guide to SUP touring. It is important to plan ahead and organise your SUP touring adventures to ensure everyone has fun and is safe. Most of the time things will go well but it’s important to plan for the worst, just in case. Correct choice of equipment Check weather, wind forecast and possible currents Dress for the climate. This means the sun, air … Read More →

How to stand up paddle board in windy conditions

how to sup in wind

This week Fanatic bring us a great video on how to stand up paddle board (SUP) in windy conditions. They cover awareness of the conditions and some techniques for paddling in wind. Paddle boarding can be glorious fun, but weather can change quickly. It is wise to be aware of the current conditions, forecasted conditions, telling a friend where you’ll be and when you’ll be back. Aside from learning about … Read More →

Memorial Day SALE – 15% off all Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards and paddles

red paddle co on sale

The season is nearly upon us so it’s time to get ready to paddle. Red Paddle Co just announced a pre-season, Memorial Day SALE, with 15% off everything. Save up to $495 per board! Boards and paddles are all discounted until 11:59pm on Memorial Day (May 27). This is a great opportunity to get the best inflatable paddle boards at discount prices, before the season starts! 2019 Red Paddle Co … Read More →

What do you get with a Starboard All Star Airline inflatable paddle board?


SUPboarder have just received a new 2019 Starboard All Star Airline inflatable stand up paddle board. In this their “first look” video, we can see how Starboard is shipping and packaging their boards. As we often show with our reviews, boards come wrapped in plastic from the factory. Starboard is addressing the environmental impact of this and now using paper and cardboard where possible. So not only are you receiving … Read More →

Casper Steinfath paddles the new 2020 Naish 14′ Maliko racing inflatable stand up paddle board

2020 naish inflatable racing sup best paddle board green water sports

Four time World Champion and Naish team paddle boarder, Casper Steinfath, was recently in California. Travelling from his native Denmark with a 14′ carbon race board for the quick trip seemed like overkill, so Naish sent him the new 2020 Inflatable Maliko racing paddle boards and the new 2020 Inflatable Glide touring boards. Did the new Naish Maliko and Glide Inflatables get the viking’s approval? We’ll let you be the … Read More →

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