Review of the 2019 Red Paddle Co 9’6″ Compact inflatable paddle board

red paddle co compact 9-6 2019

The 2019 Red Paddle Co Compact 9’6″ is designed for paddlers who want the convenience of a board that packs down to half the size of a regular inflatable SUP without compromising on performance. Unique to the compact 9’6″ is that it ships complete with 5-piece paddle and coiled leash for the full package. Is the Compact 9’6″ truely a revolutionary board? With a high price, come high expectations. Does … Read More →

2020 Naish inflatable paddle board construction technology


Naish Inflatable Paddle Boards This year, Naish partnered with a new factory and new material suppliers in order to provide heightened quality and durability in their inflatable stand up paddle boards. The quality control has been set to the strictest level in the industry. Every piece of material, every ounce of glue and every board is meticulously checked to ensure that every Naish inflatable board embodies the quality you can … Read More →

Breaking ice in Alaska on the Starboard inflatable 14′ Touring Deluxe


Green Water Sports customer Andrew recently received his 2019 Starboard 14′ x 30″ Inflatable Touring Deluxe and took it out for a paddle. In a world away from what we are used to, Andrew paddled through an icy Portage Lake to a glacier. We love seeing customers exploring with their paddle boards. Don’t forget to tag us on social media with #greenwatersports or email in your videos and photos to … Read More →

Detailed video review of the 2020 Naish Maliko & Glide inflatable stand up paddle boards


The Naish 2020 inflatable stand up paddle boards have created a bit of buzz recently. Naish have long been at the forefront of windsurf, kitesurf and SUP technologies and developments, so when they announced their 2020 range so early in 2019 (and quickly superceeding their 2019 range) everyone sat up and took notice. Reuben at SUPboarder got his hands on the 2020 Naish Maliko 14′ x 27″ and the 2020 … Read More →

The Red Paddle Co 2019 Dragon World Championships

red paddle co inflatable paddle board best sup 2019 dragon 22

Red Paddle Co showcases these 22′ inflatables at dozens of events around the world, however, the Dragon World Championship is the main event. After the inaugural World Championships in Barbados back in 2017, the event moved to Austria last September, where three dozen teams from 17 countries competed for glory. This year’s Dragon World Championships will also feature three different divisions to distribute the trophies a little more fairly: men’s, … Read More →

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