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Red Paddle Co 2017 Dragon SUP – Next level team paddling


For 2017, Red Paddle Co announced it is time to unleash the dragon (#unleashthedragon). They have created the ultimate team racing stand up paddle board. Taking cues from the dragon boats of old, the aptly named Dragon inflatable paddle board is a 4 person (or more if smaller paddlers) racing stand up paddle board. But where it differs from the Ride XL, SUPsquatch and Starboard Starship we are familiar with, is the inline standing position of all the paddlers. Basically a stand up dragon boat. Ding!

What Red Paddle Co have to say about the board

Team racing is taking the sport to the next level, so we’re delighted to introduce the all-new 22’0″ Dragon – Red Paddle Co’s first four-person race board. Don’t be duped by its size: this is one fast machine and with the power of eight arms driving paddles through the water, it can reach an incredible rate of knots. The 22’0″ Dragon retains the same features as most of the Race family, including profiled nose, slim body, and high sides so that it rises out of the water and slices through the waves. It has eight lateral handles for ease of transport, and is also covered in an extra large decked with a large dragon design, warning other competitors to watch out if they don’t want to get smoked!

John Hibbard, co-founder of Red Paddle Co explains:

The sheer power of four people makes it possible for almost anyone to reach incredible speeds and smoke their opposition! We designed the Red Dragon to bring the thrill and excitement of SUP racing to the spectators and I cannot wait to see what some teams are capable of, as this is one fast board!

Let’s see the Red Paddle Co Dragon specs:

  • 22’0″ long
  • 34″ wide
  • 8″ thick
  • 984l of volume

Find some friends and order here: 2017 Red Paddle Co 22ft Dragon SUP

Full spec sheet here. Now let’s see some pics of the Dragon SUP and in action.

Stay tuned for more Red Paddle Co 2017 news and details as we get closer to launch date. Read more about the new FFC technology on the Elite racing inflatable SUPs.

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