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Paddle Boarding Arkansas

paddle boarding arkansas

I. Introduction

Paddle boarding is a fun and exciting water sport that has grown in popularity in recent years. It provides a unique way to explore and enjoy the beautiful waterways of Arkansas. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top paddle boarding locations, the different types of paddle boarding experiences available in Arkansas, essential gear and equipment, tips for beginners, and the paddle boarding communities and events in the state. So grab your paddle and let’s get started!

II. Top Paddle Boarding Locations in Arkansas

A. Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita, the largest lake in Arkansas, offers over 40,000 acres of crystal-clear water surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. With numerous coves, islands, and over 600 miles of shoreline, it’s an ideal location for paddle boarders of all skill levels.

B. Buffalo National River

The Buffalo National River is a beloved destination for paddle boarders seeking adventure and pristine natural beauty. The river’s calm stretches are perfect for beginners, while more experienced paddle boarders can tackle mild rapids and swift currents.

C. Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake is a popular spot for paddle boarding in northwest Arkansas, featuring clear water, limestone cliffs, and scenic shoreline. With more than 28,000 acres of water surface and 480 miles of shoreline, it offers ample space for paddle boarders to explore.

D. Greers Ferry Lake

Located in north-central Arkansas, Greers Ferry Lake offers paddle boarders 40,000 acres of clear water and 340 miles of shoreline. The lake’s numerous coves and inlets make it perfect for a leisurely paddle boarding experience.

E. Lake Hamilton

Lake Hamilton, situated near Hot Springs, is a popular destination for paddle boarding enthusiasts. Its 7,200 acres of water and 200 miles of shoreline provide ample opportunities for a relaxing paddle boarding session while taking in the surrounding natural beauty.

III. Types of Paddle Boarding in Arkansas

A. Flatwater Paddle Boarding

Flatwater paddle boarding is perfect for beginners and those looking for a relaxing experience on calm waters. Many lakes and reservoirs in Arkansas offer ideal conditions for flatwater paddle boarding, allowing you to enjoy the tranquility of the water while improving your skills.

B. River Paddle Boarding

For those seeking a more challenging adventure, river paddle boarding on the Buffalo National River and other waterways in Arkansas offers the excitement of navigating currents and mild rapids. This type of paddle boarding requires more skill and experience, but the thrill is well worth it.

C. Yoga Paddle Boarding

Yoga paddle boarding combines the serenity of yoga with the unique experience of being on the water. Several locations in Arkansas offer yoga paddle boarding classes, allowing you to practice your favorite yoga poses while floating on a paddle board.

IV. Paddle Boarding Gear and Equipment

A. Paddle Boards

A diverse range of paddle boards including rigid, inflatable, and yoga-specific models are available. Consider factors like skill level, the kind of paddle boarding you aim to undertake, and your budget while choosing the perfect board for your needs.

B. Paddles

Choosing the right paddle is essential for an enjoyable paddle boarding experience. Paddles are typically made from materials like aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber, each offering different performance characteristics. Be sure to select a paddle that’s the appropriate length and weight for your height and skill level.

C. Safety Gear

Paddle board safety is crucial when paddle boarding. Essential safety gear includes a personal flotation device (PFD), a leash to keep you connected to your board, and a whistle to signal for help if necessary. Additionally, consider wearing water shoes and sunscreen to protect yourself from the elements.

V. Paddle Boarding Tips for Beginners

A. Balance and Stability

Start by practicing your balance on flat, calm water. Begin with your knees bent and gradually stand up, keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Focus on maintaining a slight bend in your knees and engaging your core to help with stability.

B. Paddle Techniques

Learn the proper paddle boarding techniques to make your experience more enjoyable. The three main strokes to master are the forward stroke, the reverse stroke, and the sweep stroke. Practicing these techniques will help you move efficiently and maneuver your board with ease.

C. Safety Tips

Always wear a PFD, use a leash, and carry a whistle for safety. Be mindful of weather conditions and avoid paddling in strong winds, high waves, or fast currents. Additionally, be aware of your surroundings, including other water users and potential hazards.

VI. Paddle Boarding Events and Communities in Arkansas

Joining a local paddle boarding community or participating in events can enhance your paddle boarding experience. These groups often organize meetups, excursions, and races, allowing you to connect with fellow enthusiasts, learn new skills, and explore new locations. Be sure to check out local paddle boarding clubs, social media groups, and event calendars for opportunities in your area.

VII. Conclusion

Paddle boarding in Arkansas offers a unique way to explore the state’s beautiful waterways while enjoying a fun and exhilarating outdoor activity. With a variety of locations, types of paddle boarding experiences, and a supportive community, there’s no better time to dive into this exciting sport. So grab your paddle board and discover the natural beauty of Arkansas from a whole new perspective!


1. Do I need any special permits or licenses to paddle board in Arkansas?

No, you don’t need a special permit or license to paddle board in Arkansas. However, always check the specific rules and regulations of the area you plan to visit, as some locations may have specific requirements.

2. Is paddle boarding a good workout?

Yes, paddle boarding is an excellent full-body workout, engaging your core, arms, legs, and back muscles. It also helps improve your balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness.

3. Can children participate in paddle boarding?

Yes, paddle boarding is a family-friendly activity suitable for children, provided they are supervised by an adult and wearing appropriate safety gear, such as a PFD.

4. How long does it take to become proficient at paddle boarding?

The learning curve for paddle boarding varies depending on the individual. However, with regular practice and proper instruction, most people can become comfortable on a paddle board within a few sessions. As you gain experience, you’ll continue to refine your skills and become more confident on the water.

5. What is the best time of year for paddle boarding in Arkansas?

The best time to paddle board in Arkansas is typically between late spring and early fall when the weather is warm and the water temperatures are comfortable. However, be sure to check local conditions before heading out, as weather can vary throughout the year. If you’re a tough cookie, try paddle boarding in winter!

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