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The All New Starboard 8’7″ Wedge Inflatable Surfing SUP

The new Starboard 8’7″ x 32″ Wedge inflatable surf paddle board draws inspiration from the composite Wedge board of identical dimensions. Its ample width assures all the required stability, while its reduced length enhances the board’s manoeuvrability.

Starboard has amplified the excitement level with their inflatable surf paddle boards. These boards incorporate Woven Fusion Technology and Double Chamber Construction to enhance stiffness and mimic the sensation of a conventional hardboard.

These designs are rooted in Starboard’s classic surf composite blueprint, featuring a slim nose that navigates through turns without getting caught, a broad standing area to provide stability, and a pulled-in tail that allows for quick, responsive turns. Starboard’s Deluxe Construction results in a stiffer, lighter, and more responsive board.

New Model

The Fusion Woven drop stitch infuses the Deluxe boards with additional strength and stiffness. The heat welded rails create an airtight, mechanically bonded seam that eliminates the potential for glue weakening over time, thus ensuring a longer-lasting board. The incorporation of galvanized 2000D rails further increases the board’s strength and rigidity.

Starboard’s Welded Rail Technology is a prominent feature of every inflatable paddle board Starboard produces. This technology guarantees an airtight, mechanically bonded seam, ensuring an extended lifespan for the board.

Starboard’s Rigid Feeling feature, the double chamber construction, amplifies overall stiffness, generating more power and precision during turns. This inner chamber is strategically placed to maintain the board’s shape and prevent flexing.

The Curved Rocker Line, another Starboard design innovation, includes a large nose rocker to prevent nose diving and catching during turns. Meanwhile, the tail kick aids with effortless nose lifting during turns and direction changes.

The Thinner Rails on the Wedge (4.0″ thickness) models improve control and manoeuvrability in the surf. Rail profiles on inflatables are limited by their construction, but Starboard has innovated 2 technologies to improve overall performance.

  • The Parabolic Rail Reinforcement significantly boosts the overall stiffness of the board. This stiffness allows for better control and manoeuvrability, particularly during quick turns or when navigating choppy waters. It improves the user’s ability to maintain direction and balance, thereby offering a smoother and more enjoyable paddling experience.
  • The Rail Edge Technology helps water smoothly flow off the back and rails of the board, providing grip for turns, while reducing resistance and allowing the board to move more freely and swiftly.

The board’s Daimond Grooved EVA Deck Pad provides comfortable grip and control, while the tail kick pad with a raised kicker allows for executing sharp turns with ease.

The fin set up: The side fins are placed near the rail for maximum responsiveness during turns. The thruster set up consists of 1 center fin and 2 side fins, making for predictable and controlled manoeuvres.

The Re-Cover Bag, designed by Starboard, is light, strong, and large, with a design that minimizes weight while maximizing comfort and strength. The bag comes equipped with roller wheels for easier transport and an ergonomically curved hiking strap for shoulder comfort and stability.

Finally, the included pump provides fast, easy and comfortable inflation. It has a fixed hose and gauge position, and is 10% more efficient than previous models due to the redesigned piston and outside tube for the air outlet. This inflatable SUP pump features double and single-action pumping modes, and a wider removable foot base for stability when pumping. The base and handle are made from upcycled fishing nets.

Surfing your dream break with a board that is easy to travel with is now a reality. Jump aboard and see you in the line up!

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About the author: Julian Kidd
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