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Starboard Enduro vs Lima SUP Paddles Compared

We are here in the Top Secret paddle room at Starboard HQ in Thailand. We have two paddles available, the Lima and the Enduro, and we want to chat with you about their differences and help you decide which one is best for you.

The Enduro paddle is used by Zane Schweitzer, one of our surf world champions and a real waterman. He knows what he likes and we have found that the tips of the Enduro need to be quite wide in order to catch the wave. When you are getting your blade into the water, you want maximum area to catch the wave and be able to ride it within just a few strokes. The wide base of the Enduro also helps with stability when leaning into turns and the flat back makes it comfortable to lean on. The Enduro is a fantastic all-around paddle that can be used by beginners and experienced paddlers alike, both in the surf and on flat water.

The Lima paddle, on the other hand, is considered by some to be the best paddle in the world. It has been used by seven world champions to win the ICF World Championships. One key feature of the Lima is its direct catch, thanks to its skinny leading edge and high aspect ratio. This gives it an immediate reaction in the water. The Lima also has concavities that help to redirect the paddle when you are off course. It is a great choice for flat water paddling and for those who aspire to participate in races or win gold medals.

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No matter which paddle you choose, you can rest assured that Starboard has the lowest warranty rate in the industry, so you’ll likely never have to come back to the store. If you’re interested in racing, go for the Lima. If you want to get into the waves, go for the Enduro. If you just want to get started with paddling, the Enduro is a great choice. If you aspire to participate in races one day and want a higher performing paddle, the Lima might be right for you. These are the basic shape tips, so just paddle on!

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About the author: Julian Kidd
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