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Can You Take an Inflatable Paddle Board on an Airplane?

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Nothing is more exhilarating than taking your favorite water sport, such as paddle boarding, and practicing it in other regions of the world. But can you take an inflatable paddleboard on an airplane? This guide covers whether this is possible and some tips to make this process smoother.

Can You Bring an Inflatable SUP Board on a Plane?

In short, yes, you can bring an inflatable stand-up paddle board on a plane. However, this equipment is too large to be a carry-on, so it must be in a checked bag. This also means your SUP board will be under the plane amid transport. You may need to pay for this extra bag, but it’s worth it if you plan on paddleboarding on your vacation.

One of the most beneficial advantages of an inflatable board is that you can easily transport it! Deflating the board is simple, and it’s straightforward to blow back up once you reach your destination. Now that you understand that you can bring this gear with you on a plane, consider the following tips for traveling with your SUP board.

Check the Airline’s Bag Limitations

You never want to deal with the headache of realizing your checked bag is too heavy to fit under the plane. Ensure you prepare for your trip beforehand by checking the airline’s website for bag limitations.

Batteries NEED To Go on a Carry-On

If you’re bringing batteries for your electric air pump, you cannot leave these in the bag with the paddleboard. Instead, pack these in your carry-on. Otherwise, TSA will report your luggage or go through it to remove the batteries.

Be Mindful of How You Pack Your Gear

To avoid breaking or damaging your SUP board gear, you must be mindful of how you pack it in the luggage. While this equipment is durable, the paddle and fins might be susceptible to damage during transport because they are more fragile. When you take an inflatable paddleboard on an airplane, strategically place your gear in a way that will prevent or minimize damage from occurring.

Are you going on a vacation soon and want to take your inflatable SUP board with you? Good news: it is possible with a few considerations! Next time you’re traveling with gear or equipment for paddleboarding, use the above tips to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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