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Unboxing the Starboard All Star Airline Inflatable Paddle Board

In this video today, Ethan does an unboxing of the brand new All Star Race inflatable paddleboard by Starboard. This is the 14′ by 26″ model. Let’s see what’s inside.

All Starboard inflatables come in this really nice backpack. On the back of it you can actually pull out these backpack straps to throw it on your back and take it to a more remote location if you want, or if you’re just going through an airport, it has rollers on the bottom. So, really simple to transport, take wherever you want to go in the world.

Let’s open up the bag and see what we’ve got inside. First off you have the accessory box that comes with the paddle board. On the side here, we’ll have our racing fin and then also some tools for the inflatable board. You also have some mounts for GoPros and things like that. Then we have the manuals, some stickers and all the good stuff. Also here in the backpack we have all the parts for the pump, which are very much needed to inflate the board and make it functional! In this accessory box we have the nose cone for the front of the race board and the Airline system.

Let’s pull this inflatable board out now and unravel it. What I love about the Starboard products is whenever you buy a hardboard or an inflatable board, they always use cardboard packaging or just recycled paper. They don’t use any plastics in their packaging which is really good for the environment. They choose to use less plastic and focus on using the cardboard and paper, I congratulate Starboard

Ok, I’m going to quickly inflate this board and we’ll get back to it.

Ok, so I’ve got the board blown up to 14 PSI. What’s really nice also, on the Starboard inflatable pump, the Tiki Pump, there’s an obvious area on the gauge to show you where to blow the board up to. It shows a green area on the gauge, for the 14 to 18 PSI range.

It’s also really nice that with all Starboard inflatable boards come with their eco-friendly leash. Now it’s not a high quality or super strong leash, but for calm days racing, or general calm day paddling, the leash works just fine.

Now we’re going to install our fin, in the fin box below and get that set up all right. Got our fin all set up here and the board is ready to go.

So that’s what it looks like unboxing a Starboard All Star inflatable racing paddle board. For more on the Starboard All Star range, check out the boards below.

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