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5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs To Go Windsurfing

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Looking for a new way to enjoy time by the water this summer? Windsurfing is an awesome and accessible sport that has something to offer people of all ages and activity levels. To convince you to hit the water and give windsurfing a go, here are our top five reasons why everyone should learn to windsurf.

It’s Beginner-Friendly

Mastering windsurfing takes time, practice, and conviction. But learning the ropes is easy, and most people get the hang of it after just a few hours of surfing. The key is to start in a beginner-friendly environment with placid water and a gentle but ever-present breeze.

Suitable for All Ages

Another reason why everyone should try windsurfing is that everyone can. Whether they’re a kid, adult, or senior, anyone can learn how to maneuver a windsurf board. The only requirements are that they need to weigh more than 30kg (around 65 lbs.) and know how to swim. This makes windsurfing a fun, active sport the whole family can participate in.

Great Exercise

Like most sports, windsurfing gives you your daily dose of exercise. What sets windsurfing apart from other sports is that it works the big three all at once: cardiovascular performance, endurance, and strength. You may get winded quickly when you first start windsurfing, but before long, you’ll see your muscles and stamina grow and will be able to surf for longer periods.

Can Do It Alone or With Friends

Are you the Lone Ranger type? Good news—windsurfing is an individual sport you can revel in alone. But just because windsurfing is an individual sport doesn’t mean it has to be a solitary sport. If you’re a more outgoing type, gather your friends and family members and sail side-by-side across the sea on your windsurf boards.

You’ll Never Be Bored

With windsurfing, you’ll never run out of things to do or learn. Once you get the hang of sailing, you can learn how to jump, and then you can learn how to perform increasingly more advanced tricks. There are also various disciplines to experiment with, including freeride, radical freestyle, waves, and slalom.

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