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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying an Inflatable Paddle Board

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Whether you’re a new paddleboarder or an experienced one, it’s important to take your time when choosing a board. Boards are a big purchase, and you want to pick one that looks great, works great, meets your needs, and will provide years of use. To help you on your search for the perfect board, here are four mistakes to avoid when buying an inflatable paddle board. Keep these tips in mind, and your buy is sure to be a success.

Not Considering the Full Dimensions

One mistake that buyers often make is considering only the length of the board when they should think about the width and thickness, too. When you combine the length, width, and thickness of a board, you get its volume, another important factor you should be looking at. In general, width and volume together determine how stable the board will be relative to your size. If you buy one based on length alone, you may wind up with one that doesn’t have enough volume or width to keep you stable and afloat!

Looks First, Utility Second

Yes, you want your board to look nice. But looks should come second to the board’s utility. A nice-looking board is no good if you can’t use it, after all! Start by finding a board brand with sturdy construction and all the features you need, then look at the graphics they may have available.

Looking for the Lowest Price

Paddle boards can be costly, and that can make it tempting to look for deals. But some deals are too good to be true. If you see a paddle board and instantly think, “Wow! That’s cheap!” stop and ask yourself why it’s so cheap. It’s most likely because the quality isn’t as good as other boards—and a low-quality board won’t work well and won’t last. Investing in a high-quality board is worth it in the long run, as these boards will work great and last you a long time.

Overlooking Warranties

Warranties protect you—and your wallet—in case something unexpectedly goes wrong with your board. Look for companies that offer several year-long warranties—for example, Red Paddle Co boards come with 5-year warranties, one of the longest warranties on the market! When companies have long warranties, it shows they feel confident in the craftsmanship of their products and that you can feel confident purchasing them.

A final mistake to avoid when buying an inflatable paddle board is choosing the wrong paddle boarding company.

At Green Water Sports, we love paddleboarding and want to share our love with the world. Our products are high-quality equipment we’d use ourselves, and our customer service representatives can answer any questions you might have about choosing a paddle board. With us, you don’t have to worry about low-quality products or poor customer service, which makes us a sports company you can trust. Come and see our inflatable paddle boards and the other products we have to offer today!

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