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Starboard 2022 SUP Paddle Range

Starboard might be best known as one of the premium paddle board manufacturers for both composite and inflatable paddle boards. However, Starboard also make excellent quality paddles. We have a mixture of brands in our quiver of paddles, but the ones we take when we’re doing a long paddle tour or SUP surfing waves are Prepreg Carbon paddles by Starboard. It’s been this way for 10 years. We’ve seen and paddled the evolution of Starboard’s shafts, handles and blades, and they just get better and better.

Starboard Enduro All Round SUP Paddle

The 2022 Starboard Enduro Paddle comes in 3 variations at Green Water Sports. Each of them is a 3 piece travel SUP paddle, but the paddle constructions and weights vary. You first start out with the exceptional value for money of the Starboard Enduro Carbon. A premium full carbon 3 piece paddle, at a mid range paddle price. It’s adjustable from 60″ to 84″, so it’s good for paddlers from about 4’8″ to 6’6″ tall, it really has a wide, versatile range. Coupled with the 85 sq. in Medium blade, it’s a great fit for all paddlers. Longest section is 36″, so it fits neatly into board bags for convenience. Excellent value at $249.

Next up, we have the Starboard Enduro Tiki Tech 3 piece paddle. Building on the quality of the Starboard Enduro Carbon, the Tiki Tech also features an ISO Sport Top Sheet. This extra hard wearing and durable layer on both sides of the blade make it one of the toughest and most durable paddles on the market. Sure, it adds about an ounce of weight to the whole paddle, but with Starboard, you’re so far ahead of the game on paddle quality and weight, you won’t even notice it. This is a great paddle for people who want a top quality paddle but may be tough on equipment or paddle in rivers or lakes with exposed rocks or logs. Like the Enduro Carbon, the Tiki Tech 3 piece SUP paddle is also adjustable from 60″ to 84″, and comes with the Medium blade. A top quality and durable paddle, available for $329.

Now, onto the Starboard Enduro Prepreg Carbon 3 piece travel paddle. This is hands down our favorite paddle. Amazing attention to detail, extremely lightweight and comfortable to use. The Prepreg Carbon paddle with Medium blade comes in at just 19 ounces. Yes you read that right, the 3 piece, adjustable paddle comes in at just 19 onces. You might have had a good paddle before, but this one is better. Available in the same 60″ to 84″ adjustable range, with Medium blade for $519.

Starboard Lima Touring and Racing SUP Paddle

For the absolute ultimate and final word in the best SUP Racing or Touring paddles you come to the Lima Prepreg Carbon by Starboard. Stop your search, this is the paddle to get if you a serious touring paddle boarder or SUP racer. Available at Green Water Sports in an adjustable 3 piece paddle with L blade, it covers most people. Adjusting from 64″ to 88″, it’s good for paddlers from 5′ to 6’8″ tall. We shipped one to a customer and he said it should be hung on the wall, it was a work of art. We think he used it though! You would, because at just 19.3 ounces, it’s super light and packs down into your inflatable SUP board bag. Away races with your inflatable racing board are now podium performance reality. The 2022 Starboard Lima Prepreg Carbon 3 piece paddle comes in at $529.

Starboard Lima Tufskin All Round SUP Paddle

Are you a weekend warrior? Got kids who are a bit tough on gear, or friends and family come over and want to go paddling? The Starboard Lima Tufskin takes everything Starboard have learnt from their industry leading, high performance SUP paddles, and made it into a durable, tough, but still high performing all round starter paddle. Getting your first board, but not sure where to go with paddles? Start with this one and get on the water. As you gain experience, you” learn about what you like, don’t like and want in a new paddle. This one can then be used for others when they paddle with you and your nice new carbon paddle is on lockdown for your hands only! At least this is what I do. I have some paddles for me that are kept away from prying hands (my kids) and I have other, durable, paddles ready for them to use! The 2022 Starboard Lima Tufskin paddle comes in at $189.

See all the Starboard SUP paddles we stock here: Starboard Paddles.

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