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How does the Titan inflatable paddle board pump work?

The Red Paddle Co Titan pump for inflatable paddle boards dramatically reduces the time taken and effort required to inflate your board. The pump mixes double chamber performance and a clever switching system and unique Hi-Flo handle system to achieve the new bench mark in inflatable board pump technology.

The Titan is part of Red Paddle Co’s commitment to producing inflatable boards that offer an authentic paddling experience. Stiffer boards create a better ride. One of the major contributing factors to board rigidity is the pressure inside the board.

Jonathan Parlby Red Paddle Co’s head of design says:

“We focused on the ergonomics of the pump design and through extensive field testing we have been able to create a more comfortable pumping position that keeps the airways of the user open, which in turn reduces fatigue. Our switching system allows the user to control the effort required and time taken to inflate their board.”

“Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and just like our boards the difference is in the detail. The Titan pump is super easy to use and is the next stage in our innovation program.”

A closer look at the red plug in the handle, and out of the handle on the peg so it doesn’t flap around.

titan pump plug

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About the author: Julian Kidd
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