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The Outdoor Master Shark II Electric Inflatable SUP Pump Review

Looking for the ultimate inflatable SUP pump? A pump that can effortlessly inflatie your board, kayak, and any other type of high-pressure inflatable? Look no further, the Outdoor Master Shark II is a tough and versatile pump that is able to inflate paddle boards up to 20 PSI. The Shark 2 features a sleek, lightweight design, making it highly portable and a pump you’ll find yourself using for not just inflatable paddle boards, but all type of inflatable toys. Outdoor Master have created a versatile, user-friendly pump that comes with all of the features you’ll need to ensure your board is inflated to the precise PSI level, which will improve your board’s performance out on the water.

On average, you can expect a 8-15 minute inflation time. While not faster than manual pumps like the Titan 2 or Tiki Pump, you don’t have to do the work! Outdoor Master claims that this pump is so powerful that it can easily inflate up to three SUPs in a row before it needs a short break. The 20 PSI pressure capacity is just one of the reasons this model is such a best-seller.

Dual stage inflation

The Shark 2 features a dual-stage inflation process. The first inflation stage offers maximum speed, inflating at 350 liters per minute, while the second stage finishes off the board using maximum pressure coming in at 70 liters per minute. Basically, the first stage will quickly inflate the board almost up to the desired PSI level, the second stage goes slower, using a lower flow of air to ensure it precisely inflates the board up to the exact PSI level you’ve chosen. This type of precision and the slower airflow prevents damage to the board while ensuring the board attains the precise pressure

Automatic Shutoff

The automatic shutoff feature allows the pump to quickly and efficiently pump up your board, using a total hands-off process. All you have to do is dial in the desired PSI level, connect your board, switch the pump on and it will get to work, pumping up your board, then it will shut off automatically once it reaches the correct PSI level. This will free you up to focus on unloading your other gear or getting changed into paddling gear while the pump does its job.


The Outdoor Master Shark 2 also comes equipped with a deflation function, which involves using reverse suction to quickly deflate your board, so you can pack up your gear quickly and head home.

You’ll connect the hose to the dedicated deflation port for easy and fast deflation. Once the board is fully deflated you can simply roll it up and toss it in your bag or trunk. Keep in mind that this feature is not automatic, which means you will need to manually switch off the motor once you’ve noticed that your board is fully deflated.


This is a 12v model that comes with a 12 volt DC connector and three additional nozzle attachments. The pump will connect to a vehicle’s 12 volt DC connector. It comes with a 12A fuse for improved safety. The three nozzle attachments make this model compatible with a wide range of SUPs and other types of inflatable products, so you’ll definitely get plenty of use out of this pump.

Display and Controls

The pump’s large digital display allows you to easily view and monitor the pump’s progress and makes it easier to clearly set the desired PSI level. The programmable controls are intuitive, so you can easily adjust the inflation parameters and view the process on the large LCD screen that’s easy to see, even in bright sunlight. The built-in automatic shut off feature combined with the digital display will take all the guesswork out of inflating your board, preventing you from over-inflating it, which can pop the board or cause other types of serious damage.


Many competing pumps are not able to handle a pressure above 14 PSI, which is why this model’s 20 PSI capacity is impressive. This high-pressure dual-motor pump offers accurate pressure ranging from 0.5 up to twenty PSI. Despite its smaller size, it’s quite powerful. The dual-motor design works to inflate your board at a faster rate, using two different speeds for secure and safe inflation all the way up to 20 PSI.


This dual-stage model is reliable and durable. Its motor is tough enough to handle all of your high-pressure inflation needs ranging from inflatable SUPs to inflatable kayaks, pool toys and air mattresses. The pump is made out of tough ABS plastic and is designed to easily withstand heavy-duty use. This lightweight, functional pump is perfect for camping, river, and beach use. Its compact design makes it highly portable, as does its lower weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Can inflate high-pressure inflatables up to 20 PSI
  • Large digital display
  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Deflation option


  • Must be close to a car
  • Need to avoid sand/dust/dirt around air intake
  • Does not have an automatic shut off function for deflation


The Shark 2 by Outdoor Master comes with all the features you need to inflate your SUP, kayak, air mattress and other types of high-pressure inflatables. It offers a higher PSI capacity than many competing models, coming in at 20 PSI. The dual-stage inflation process ensures a faster more efficient inflation time and process, while the automatic shutoff feature will prevent the pump from going over the desired pressure. It has a powerful motor, digital LCD display, and automatic shutoff, which makes it one of the best SUP pumps on the market. It comes with three attachment nozzles, so it will work with most makes and models of paddle boards and kayaks. The built-in safety features make it very beginner-friendly, allowing you to dial in the desired PSI level and focus on unpacking your gear while the pump is hard at work.

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