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5 Things You Can Only Do With an Inflatable Paddleboard

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Wherever you like to paddle, however you like to paddle and whomever you like to paddle with, inflatable paddleboards really are the most diverse choice. They also have extensive lists of perks over their hardboard counterparts so to help you finalize your decision, here are our top 5 things you can only do with an inflatable paddleboard.

Explore Further Afield

The adventures really don’t ever have to stop with inflatable paddleboards. As iSUPS are inflatable, once deflated, they pack down small into their accompanying carry bag. This efficient pack down makes them easy to transport by car, public transport and even by plane, without the oversize baggage fees. The useful carry bag also makes those before limited access spots now accessible, giving the opportunity to explore further afield. Alternatively, if the location is just a short walk, you can inflate your board and carry it ready to go. As they are inflated, they are much lighter than hardboards making them easy and convenient to carry. Most also have a padded handle in the middle so you can carry in comfort. This also means for those locations where you have to frequently enter and exit the water, for example when passing through locks, you can pass through easily without the added hardboard weight. Excellent examples of quality inflatable paddles boards are made by Red Paddle Co. Red Paddle Co are industry leaders that think of all the details. Going further afield with a Red Paddle inflatable paddle board is what they were designed to do, their catch phrase is “Explore your world!”

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Store Anywhere, Everywhere

Unlike solid paddleboards, iSUPS can be stored anywhere, everywhere! Once deflated, their neat pack down means you can store them in a closet, small lake house, on a small boat and even in your bedroom. If camping, it would even fit inside of your tent! In comparison, standard hardboards are around 10-12ft long, so if you don’t have a large garage or storage space, they can be tricky to store. In addition, hardboards are more fragile, so if finding the space isn’t a problem, you’ll also need it to be somewhere where it won’t get knocked or damaged.

Take It On More Challenging Paddles

Wherever your paddle boarding adventures may take you, inflatable paddleboards are the ideal companion. Not only are they more versatile, you only need one board for an array of conditions, but also more durable. As iSUPs are full of air, they have more ‘give’, meaning they bounce instead of dent and crack. This makes them better suited for more challenging paddles like white water paddling. This ‘give’ also means that if you do fall on your board whilst paddling, you’ll have a slightly softer landing compared to hardboards.

Drop it!

Yes, you read that right. Along with being better suited for those challenging paddles, you can drop your iSUP without gasping and know that it will be ok. We are obviously not recommending for you to start throwing your board around, but accidents do happen along with bumps and knocks as you’re moving around. Solid paddleboards don’t normally fare as well with drops often resulting in cracks, dings and dents, which can be expensive to repair. With inflatables, they often come with their own home repair kit, if not, you can purchase them for a low cost. The repair kits are easy to use and you can be back out on the water the same day! This durability also makes it a lot less worrying if you are lending it to a friend or family member!

Socialize On The Water

The versatility of inflatable paddleboards makes it easy to get the entire family and friends involved! Whether it’s just for a casual paddle, fishing or SUP yoga, the stability of the board makes it easy for even beginner paddlers. For a more relaxed outing, the bungee attachments on the board mean you can securely fasten bags, small coolers, drinks and food, whilst the D-rings allow you to raft all of your boards together for the ultimate hang out.

These are just 5 of our favorite things you can only do with an inflatable paddleboard, but if you have a favorite we missed, please let us know! As mentioned above, Red Paddle Co make exceptional boards, but Starboard, Fanatic, Naish and SIC Maui also make high quality, adventure ready inflatable stand up paddle boards.

If you have any questions about inflatable paddle boards, feel free to contact us on 1-888-252-4983, chat or via our contact form.

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