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The new 2021 Red Paddle Co RSS battens

John Hibbard from Red Paddle Co walks us through the new RSS battens from 2021.

Hi guys, John Hibbard here from Red Paddle Co HQ. I’d like to introduce to you the 2021 RSS batten. First thing you’ll notice, a new color, day glow orange. This makes it much easier to find on the beach when you’re packing up at the end of a long day. You won’t lose it in the sand or in the long grass. So a great customer experience.

You’ll also notice it’s extremely durable. In fact, it’s basically unbreakable. So if it gets stood on inside the bag or on the beach, it’s not going to break. If you leave it inside your board and forget that it’s in there when you come to roll the board up, you’re not going to break or splinter the batten by mistake. You can just remove it once you’ve remembered, and carry on as normal.

It’s extremely durable. It’s also a polycarbonate material which means it’s recyclable, so it can be recycled in household recycling. But it works exactly the same as the old batten. The performance it delivers is exactly the same. It fits into the pocket and the force of the rider goes down across the thin edge.

It is slightly different when it comes to being put inside the board. I’m going to show you that now. So you pump the board up to about 1 or 2 PSI, same as normal, put the board on its rail. Then just put the first inch or so of the batten into the batten pocket. This is where there’s a difference in technique.

Normally, or before, you would have grabbed hold of the end of the batten and pushed in. Not now, six inches from the pocket is where you want to place your hand and then it’s just short pushes to push the batten into the batten pocket, all the way, so it goes all the way in and then you can place the velcro tab.

To get it out, it’s exactly the same as before take the velcro tab off and then it’s just one long pull, all the way out of the batten.

Ok, so just to remind you there, six inches from the end of the batten pocket, small movements all the way in, velcro tab on.

Many of the 2021 Red Paddle Co boards feature the patented, and unique to Red Paddle Co, RSS Battens. Find out more about how they work here.

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