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5 Ke Nalu SUP paddle handle options

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When you purchase your Ke Nalu stand up paddle, you currently have 5 handle combinations to choose from. Most of them are based on a personal preference or a comfort decision, but 2 involve an extended handle shaft and an extended handle shaft with adjustable main paddle shaft collar for the taller paddlers or people who periodically like to adjust their paddle length. Not sure how long your SUP paddle should be? Read our SUP paddle length guide.

Let’s start with the Classic T. This is the standard “T” shaped handle, minimal curve and no contour for the palm of your hand. It’s a simple and sturdy grip, favoured sometimes by surf stand up paddlers as they have more of a defined handle to grab onto.

Next we have the Ergo. This has become an almost industry standard SUP handle. A contoured top, an obvious directional alignment for your hand in it’s shape giving your palm and fingers maximum comfort with a gentle edge for your fingers to grip. This paddle handle also helps you know which way around your blade is without having to look at it. The paddle handle shape is decidedly comfortable in only one direction.

Then we come to the evolution that is the Ergo T. As the name suggests, this stand up paddle boarding paddle handle is a combination of the Classic T and Ergo handles. More comfortable than the defined edges of the Classic T it incorporates the contour for your palm to be comfortable and your fingers to grip from the Ergo design. Not quite as “ergo” as the Ergo, it has a little more grippy-ness for your hand to control the paddle and blade. This is the most popular Ke Nalu SUP handle across all paddle shaft and blade combinations.

To the taller people now. The Extended Ergo T is quite simply a long handle shaft version of the Ergo T handle. Naturally, as the most popular handle, the Ergo T was chosen for this extended version. When the standard shaft is not long enough, or even the 100 Flex Long shaft, the Extended Ergo T makes it possible for taller paddlers to use Ke Nalu SUP gear.

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Finally the Adjustable Bracket with Extended Ergo T. This combination of a semi adjustable shaft and extended handle make it possible for the paddler to adjust the length of their SUP paddle shaft. This gives the paddler the option to minutely adjust their paddle length between sessions, adjust the length for different paddle partners or family members, or even use just the one paddle between surf sessions (short SUP paddle) and race or distance paddling (long shaft SUP paddle). The Adjustable Bracket and Extended Ergo T provide the lightest yet stiffest option for those who need to, or like to, vary the length of the SUP paddle length. To read more about how to measure to stand up paddle boarding paddle, read our guide here.

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